EssentialSneak Shoe Cleaning combo

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Soft Brush

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BeyondSneak Supreme Care Collection Kit Combo

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Elevate your sneaker care with BeyondSneak’s Supreme Care Collection. It includes three brushes – SoftGlide, MediumMaster, and HardEdge – each crafted for specific cleaning needs. Alongside a strong cleaner, a premium Microfiber Towel, water-repellent Hydrosheild, and handy Shoe Cleaning Wipes, this all-in-one solution ensures easy, effective care for your sneakers


Embark on a journey of unparalleled sneaker care with BeyondSneak’s Supreme Care Collection. This comprehensive ensemble is designed to cater to every facet of your sneaker care routine, ensuring that each step receives the attention and care it truly deserves.

At the heart of this collection are three meticulously crafted brushes – SoftGlide, MediumMaster, and HardEdge. These brushes have been specifically designed to address different cleaning needs, providing versatility and effectiveness in every stroke. Whether you’re dealing with delicate surfaces, moderate stains, or tougher grime, this trio ensures that your sneakers receive the optimal care.

Complementing these brushes is a potent liquid cleaner that effortlessly tackles stains, dirt, and grime across a spectrum of materials. The premium Microfiber Towel adds the perfect finishing touch, ensuring a flawless finish after every cleaning session.

The Hydrosheild water-repellent bottle takes sneaker care to the next level by providing a protective shield against water and stains. This innovative addition ensures that your sneakers stay fresh and vibrant, even in unpredictable weather conditions.

For those on-the-go moments, the collection introduces convenient Shoe Cleaning Wipes – a quick and effective solution for maintaining freshness wherever your journey takes you.

The BeyondSneak Supreme Care Collection is more than just a kit; it’s a commitment to excellence in sneaker care. Elevate your routine with simplicity, effectiveness, and premium quality – because every step deserves the care and attention only BeyondSneak can provide


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